inVentiv Health Research & Insights' SampleAnswers audit provides competitive insights and a benchmark for manufacturers to understand how their sampling activity compares with others in their markets. Each month, inVentiv Health Research & Insights surveys more than 1,600 healthcare professionals, including office personnel, to track the volume and frequency at which drug samples are being provided to physician practices across more than 30 specialites.

Clients use SampleAnswers to

  • Measure sampling activity for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and office personnel 
  • Monitor how samples are requested and delivered
  • Gain insight into the use of alternative samples such as coupons, rebated cards, trial offers, and co-pays
  • Compare competitive sample spending

SampleAnswers reports on key metrics including the volume of samples provided, plus the sample boxes, packages, and units of the drug. It also provides the amount spent on providing samples using industry standard cost figures. Methods include type, volume, and dollar value.

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SampleAnswers was formerly the Sample Distribution Audit (SDA).