Introduced in 1990, inVentiv Health Research & Insights' TreatmentAnswers audit is the pharmaceutical and biotech industry’s premier drug and diagnosis audit.  This audit offers unique insight into physician-intended prescribing habits through quantitative drug and diagnosis analysis.  It provides national-level disease state and associated therapy data using a more robust data sample than similar diagnosis audit services.  This broader representation brings you a “clearer picture” of the activity of office-based physicians.

Clients rely on TreatmentAnswers to

  • Attain market information to assist with research, development, and long-term planning
  • Understand trend history in key and unfamiliar markets
  • Reveal current diagnosis and product use trends
  • Examine patient drug request trends for all diagnoses
  • Compare physician-reported desired actions for a product

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TreatmentAnswers was formerly the Physician Drug and Diagnosis Audit (PDDA).