Our 5-Step Process

inVentiv Health Research & Insights' quantitative research follows a disciplined process and structured framework. We place great emphasis on your objectives to design an approach that yields reliable and meaningful conclusions. 

inVentiv Health Research & Insights' framework includes five key components:

  1. Business Issue Definition
    • Ensure a clear understanding of business issues
    • Staff with extensive client-side experience
    • Plan project design and implementation to meet specific business objectives
  2. Online Survey Development
    • Outline questions, hypotheses, identifying characteristics, study variables, and analytic models
    • Stratified sample design with statistical power and appropriate weighting
    • Identify target respondents (e.g., client list, screening criteria)
    • Recommend survey frequency (e.g., continuous, multi-wave, one-time)
  3. Field Work Recruitment
    • Recruit from client target lists or via screening criteria (physicians and payers with our proprietary healthcare provider network)
    • Pre-test questionnaire to ensure objectives are understood and met
    • Conduct rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure accuracy of results
  4. Data Preparation and Analysis
    • Perform data verification with original questionnaire to ensure meaningful data collection
    • Deliver comprehensive analysis of all questions and cross-tabulations
    • Use univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses and statistical models as needed
  5. Final Report
    • Link executive summary to study objectives
    • Include complete analyses of all questions
    • Deliver a comprehensive format to support decision making
    • Derive clear insights and recommendations based on research results

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